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Who Breaks Their Nose Playing Tennis?

Me. That’s who. Running cross court to return a ball with my back hand, I slipped on some pine needles, and landed face first. No, I didn’t put my hands out to break the fall (I was apparently still holding on to that damn racket, hoping to get that damn ball!) and took 100% of… [Continue]

Amsterdam is a great city for a  layover tour.

Planning an Amsterdam Layover

Although I’ve often considered it, this was the first time I scheduled a layover long enough to have a fun, no-stress day in the layover city. When considering a layover city visit, the most important question is do you have enough time to get into the city, enjoy yourself, and return to the airport with… [Continue]

My coffee break was easy peasy with Isis.

Paying with Isis Mobile Wallet

Verizon Wireless asked me to take a look at their Isis mobile payment and loyalty card app on my Verizon Galaxy S4. They gave me a small stipend to go shopping, so I could properly check it out. But all opinions are my own, not theirs. My coffee break starting by looking up where in… [Continue]