A Tribute to Corey

A colleague of mine, Corey Rudl, recently passed away, and in honor of his memory, his company is donating a portion of sales to a special charity that helps young people from low-income families improve their business, academic, and life skills: The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

You may have already heard about Corey Rudl’s death. It’s been in the news, in the papers, on TV… and, of course, all over the Internet. Corey tragically passed away on June 2nd in a car-racing accident in California. Anyway, Corey was pretty much the king of Internet marketing. I saw him in San Diego just days before he died.

The promotion is two-fold. First, you get a FREE copy of Corey’s “Ultimate Seminar Videos” a set of 3 DVDs. And second, the NFTE gets $50. For all the details, check out his brand-new “Insider Secrets” course.