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What is a CDN?

Thumbnail image for What is a CDN? by Barbara Feldman July 8, 2013

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is an easy way for busy websites to make their site both faster to load and cheaper to run. And with MaxCDN and the free WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache it also VERY EASY to implement. I’ve been using MaxCDN since April, 2010 … and it was probably just a few months after that I discovered the W3 Total Cache plugin for my WordPress sites. How a CDN Works A CDN makes your website faster by taking static files (such […]

Best ATM and Credit Cards for International Travel

Thumbnail image for Best ATM and Credit Cards for International Travel by Barbara Feldman May 29, 2013

I’ve been asked this question so many times, I had to finally answer it publicly. First of all, back in the day, savvy travelers would stock up on traveler’s checks before hitting the friendly skies. Traveler checks had the advantage of being replaceable if they were lost, and could be converted to local currency at a bank or a hotel (hotels never give the best rate, but they sure are convenient.) But today you get the best exchange rates (and convenience) from ATMs, as long […]

Become the Parent You Always Imagined You Could Be

by Barbara Feldman July 2, 2012

Yikes! The clock is ticking. I really, really meant to post this earlier. Ugh. But there’s still time. Don’t miss this great opportunity to become the parent you always imagined you could be. In just a few days, my friend Adina Soclof is offering a parenting class you can join from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing the right thing (haven’t we all?) or wished someone would just give you a solid plan for solving a tough parenting […]

Last Minute Gifts via Email

by Barbara Feldman December 20, 2011

Still have gifts to buy that need to arrive by Christmas? Don’t sweat the overnight shipping hassle. Send a gift via email! Whether at the holidays (or for a birthday, graduation or anniversary), gifts that are sent via email are convenient and FAST! Here are some of my favorite online stores that sell gifts that can be sent via email. Netflix Gift Subscriptions: I’m a huge fan of Netflix, their Watch Instantly program, and giving the gift of movies and entertainment. You can gift anything […]

Viral Video Picks

by Barbara Feldman May 25, 2010

A handful of viral YouTube videos really spoke to me this week, so I’ve created a special category for them over at Surfnetkids Video for everyone to enjoy, along with short commentary by me. The category is called (guess what?) Viral Video Picks. This week’s picks include Swagger Wagon Video (calling all minivan parents), Greyson Chance Singing Lady Gaga (have you seen this twelve-year old piano player belt out a song?) and Jessica’s Daily Affirmations (too, too cute!). If I missed any of your favorite […]

Reading on a Kindle vs. an iPod Touch

by Barbara Feldman April 16, 2010

Since getting my Kindle in August, I have become a fiction-reading machine! I am loving it. The odd part, that I didn’t really analyze, was that BEFORE the Kindle, I was reading mostly non-fiction. I never really thought about why I made the switch, but a friend of mine pointed out that he prefers fiction on the Kindle because fiction is strictly linear. With non-fiction, he says he likes to jump around within the book, and physically highlight and hand write notes in the margins. […]

Christmas and Hanukkah Resources

by Barbara Feldman December 7, 2009

Hanukkah is just around the corner, and then before you know it, it will be Christmas. Christmas games are already showing up in my popular game list , so I better share these with you now before it’s too late! Christmas Resources Santa Claus Fun Christmas Coloring Pages Christmas Jokes Christmas Nursery Rhymes 16 Pages of Christmas Links discovered and shared by my brilliant and creative readerswho have joined our Sharing Links project Hanukkah Resources Hanukkah Coloring Pages Hanukkah Jigsaw Puzzle Hanukkah Coloring Book Hanukkah […]