Audible Membership

Listen to audio books on your smart phone, iPod or any MP3 player.

I’m not old enough to have memories of gathering around the radio listening to serialized dramas, but I love putting audiobooks on my phone (used to put them on my iPod) and listen while driving. The odd thing about this is that I don’t drive often, and I don’t usually drive very far. I’m talking twelve minutes to tennis three times a week, and one five-minute drive to the grocery store. Yet, I am currently half way through a 49-hour audio book (The Memoirs of Cleopatra), and loving every minute of it!

I’ve been an Audible member for many years, and they now (finally!) have Audible apps for all kinds of phones (iPhone or Android) that really beat listening to a book on iTunes. I simply plug my phone into the audio jack in my car, and if the phone rings (through my bluetooth speaker, of course!), the book pauses and everything works exactly as it should!

An Audible membership includes one book a month, but you can collect credits for a number of months (I think it’s six). When you get two or three credits sitting around in your account, I notice they try and bring you back to the site by offering specials like “3 books for 2 credits.” I’ve done that a few times, so I am getting an even better deal with my membership.

Who do you know on your list that commutes, works out in a gym, or likes to walk or run with an iPod? An Audible membership makes a great gift!

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    Almost all the books I ‘read’ these days are on my iPod while at the gym…life is so hectic this makes for great multi-tasking and now I don’t miss a book club meeting as I’ve always ‘read’ the book! Although I must admit it’s never as fulfilling an experience as actually reading the words. But I do read some books on my iPad and that is easier than having a book in hand. I guess no more actual books for me!