Books and School Supplies For Katrina Victims

Anne reported that trailers for her school are being delayed at least a month, but next week they are hoping to “share a school” with 12:30 to 5:30 hours. At least some semblence of school will be better than nothing!

Up to now, I have forwarded all requests to Anne, but it seemed to us that those of you with small parcels (i.e. you’re not sending school desks) can mail them directly to the school district. Here’s an address for those that can send K-6 books and school supplies:

Anne Ladner
Harper McCaughan Elementary School
111 Quarles Street
Long Beach, MS 39560.

I am finally going to part with the children’s books in my guest closet that have so many memories for me. Many of them I read to both of my kids. They must have some pretty strong magic, because both of my kids grew up to be terrific students (they are 13 and 17.) I hope they work the same magic for the next batch of kids that will enjoy them.