Do These Jeans Make Me Look Graceful?

I am writing today as part of the Generation Fabulous blog hop on the meaning of aging gracefully.

rotate3I believe grace is an internal quality. It’s about feeling content, and accepting one’s whole self. Sometimes my wrinkles and age spots shock me … that’s the opposite of grace! But mostly, I am taking them all in stride. And I try to keep in mind that the opposite of “aging” is “dying.”

I strive to be healthy and grateful (with a shout out to Lois Alter Mark. And to keep in mind that without six decades of experience behind me, I would not have the blessings that I do in my life.

At my daughter’s 21st birthday celebration last week, the question started circulating among the family, “If you had the chance to go back to 21 and do it all over again, would you?” And not a single one of us wanted to swap our mid-life selves for our young adult selves. That, I believe, is the embodiment of grace. We’re here, we’re happy, and we wouldn’t change a thing!


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    I would not go back in time if I had to do it ALL again, but there are moments I’d like to revisit – like snuggling my babies or watching my little boys at play. I guess that is what grandchildren are for?

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      I am so happy for my friends that are becoming grandparents. It is exciting to watch. Since this is a public posting, I will have to “bite my tongue” and not actually say anything about wanting grandchildren myself. :)

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    You’re right – I wouldn’t be 21 again for anything! It was a good year, but I am VERY glad it is behind me.

    Even the bad years were good, were growing experiences. But I love this era of cronehood I’m heading into.

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    It is fascinating that for all the complaining about getting older, I don’t know anyone who would actually want to go back to their younger selves! Great post, my friend!

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    I wouldn’t be 21 again for a million dollars!
    Birthdays that end with a zero are hard, but once I get a few months past them, I wonder what I worried about. I think 30 was harder than 40.

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    Very well put, Barbara! The wrinkles can shock sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade places with my 21-year-old self for beans!