Dream Trip to Florence

I did it! My dream trip to Florence with my daughter and step-mom was phenomenal! The best part was the way my plan came together with a fabulous rented apartment in the heart of the city and a variety of guided tours spread out every couple of days.

I also loved:

1) the day my daughter and I hiked Cinque Terre with Walkabout Pass

2) the private cooking class we took at In Tavola

3) the Uffizi tour, led by Florinda of ArtViva

4) and the day trip to Tuscany (also from the folks at ArtViva).

But (with a tip of the hat to MasterCard): time spent with family? PRICELESS!
Barbara in front of Duomo in Florence
I have already posted some pictures on Flickr and Facebook: Surfnetkids, but I will be adding more in the next few days.

For resources on Italy and the Renaissance, here a few site recommendations from the Surfnetkids archive:

Leonardo da Vinci

I also have a treasure trove of related games and quizzes, such as:

Sistine Chapel Jigsaw Puzzle
Galileo Quiz
Renaissance Quiz
Michelangelo’s David Scramble


  1. Ishmeal Francis says

    Hi Barbara!
    how are you today? In fact i was so much impress by your news letters you sends to me and all the current messages that you keep on sending to me, And i`m soo much happy and very glad for your trip. All this honor really impress me so much. Please Barbara i would like to hear more from you, from today you are a special and close friend to me, Do you agree with me?
    Yours Love
    Ishmael Francis