FreeTime Unlimited

Wow!  For kids 8 and under, a subscription service with unlimited parent-approved apps, videos and ebooks.  WHEEE!

I am over-the-moon excited by Amazon’s new Kindle Fire content subscription service for kids 3 to 8. FreeTime Unlimited offers a nearly unlimited supply of apps, videos and ebooks for a low monthly fee of just $2.99 for Prime members. (You already are a Prime member, right?) The service includes Parental Control over content and the amount of time spent on the device, and can accommodate multiple kids with separate profiles (this requires a family subscription for $6.99 a month.) Content providers include all the big names such as Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, Sesame Street, and more. This means … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids French

As I travel through France with my daughter, I am constantly reminded that learning languages is so much easier when you are young! Did you take high-school French? I studied Spanish, and it is some sort of strange brain connection that makes me want to speak Spanish when confronted with a foreign language I don’t know, such as French. Has that ever happened to you? Ha ha ha!! Back to the topic of kids, I was recently introduced (thanks Scott!) to a new program for teaching French to your kids. I love this idea! It is the brainchild of Kristin Jangro and her site … [Read more...]

Do You Teach Evolution or Creationism?

This week's topic at is Human Evolution. As I was penning it, I thought a lot about my readers, many of whom, might teach creationism instead of evolution. Since comments on not enabled on that section of, I decided to open up the discussion here. So, my question to you is, as a parent or a teacher, do you teach evolution or creationism? Feel free to leave a comment, but please be civil. … [Read more...]

Cyber Security Games

This week's What is Phishing? topic at Surfnetkids is an important educational subject for both students and grownups. As a strong believer in the educational power of games, I am thrilled to be hosting a series of cyber-security games created by the FTC. The Phishing Scams quiz is, of course, directly related to this week's topic, but there are a dozen others as well, all related to online safety, security, and privacy. Here are a few of them: Invasion of the Wireless Hackers Beware of Spyware Mission Laptop Security For a complete list, visit Simulation Games and look for … [Read more...]