Four Pillars of Online Safety

Awhile back I surveyed my readers about their biggest online problems, and spyware and adware was at the very top of the list. This is not surprising because it’s gotten really rough out there. So even though it’s not a topic I usually address in my day to day research and writing, you all planted the idea in my head that from time to time I need to talk about online safety. So this introduction is the first in a sporadic series of articles about various aspects of online safety.

Here are my four pillars of online safety. All computers connected to the Internet need to be protected against the bad guys in three ways:
1) anti-virus protection
2) firewall protection
3) spyware/adware protection.

If you are a family, you might also want:
4) parental controls

These are the four online safety topics I will be addressing as time allows.