Google the Verb

Did you notice the lower-case “google” used as a verb in my last post?

The American Dialect Society chose “google” the verb as the “most useful word of 2002.” Then, a few months ago, the Oxford American Dictionary blessed “google” by including it as a verb in their latest edition.

I’d heard “google” here and there, but wondered whether it should be capitalized when used as a verb. I found my answer at 8 Ways to Sunday:

“Nouns, adjectives and verbs derived from personal, national or geographical names are often lowercased when used with a specialized meaning” Chicago Manual of Style, 14th Ed. 7.49

Google (the corporation with a capital “G”) is quite upset about the use of “google” as a verb. And their lawyers are working overtime trying to protect their trademark, and discourage the use of “google” as a verb.

What do think? Do you google? Or Google? Or not?