Holiday Gift Guide

FreeTime Unlimited

Thumbnail image for FreeTime Unlimited by Barbara Feldman December 7, 2012

I am over-the-moon excited by Amazon’s new Kindle Fire content subscription service for kids 3 to 8. FreeTime Unlimited offers a nearly unlimited supply of apps, videos and ebooks for a low monthly fee of just $2.99 for Prime members. (You already are a Prime member, right?) The service includes Parental Control over content and the amount of time spent on the device, and can accommodate multiple kids with separate profiles (this requires a family subscription for $6.99 a month.) Content providers include all the […]

Texting Gloves

Thumbnail image for Texting Gloves by Barbara Feldman December 6, 2012

Also called touch screen gloves, or smart gloves, these lifesavers will let you use your smart phone WITHOUT taking your gloves off. Now that’s clever! Texting Gloves

Happy Socks

Thumbnail image for Happy Socks by Barbara Feldman December 4, 2012

I discovered Happy Socks at a sock store in Amsterdam, across the street from a cheese store where we bought lunch. As much as I liked the cheese, the socks were even better, as was I suffering from a sock emergency. My daughter and I were on day 4 of a 25-day travel adventure, when suddenly all my socks disappeared. I borrowed a pair from my daughter, but they kept falling off my heels, and I was developing blisters. Oh noes! Sock emergency! So finding […]

Donors Choose Gift Card

Thumbnail image for Donors Choose Gift Card by Barbara Feldman December 12, 2011

I first learned of Donors Choose in 2007 when Google sent me a Donors Choose gift card as a holiday present. Back in those days, Google sent cool, techie holiday gifts to their best Adsense publishers. If they are still doing it, they have dropped me from their cool kids club. Anyway, in 2007, after several years of widgety gifts, Google changed course a bit by giving us a gift certificate that we could spend on others. Here’s how it works. Teachers from across the […]

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker

by Barbara Feldman December 12, 2011

After returning from Italy this summer, I began dreaming about making cappuccinos and lattes at home. The price at Starbucks is really rather ridiculous. And besides, they don’t deliver! So I read all the espresso machine reviews at Amazon, and decided on the DeLonghi EC155 based on a combination of its low-price and good reviews. I have since become the cappuccino queen, and two family members now have the exact same machine after enjoying it at my house. This machine can use either fresh grounds […]

The New Kindles

Thumbnail image for The New Kindles by Barbara Feldman December 12, 2011

I have two Kindles: a Kindle Fire and an e-ink Kindle Keyboard 3G. If you have not yet fallen under their spell, this holiday season is the perfect time. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of bestselling (and back list) books that are available for purchase at, there are frequently excellent books on sale for 99 cents, and an even bigger list of Kindle books that can be downloaded for free. Now add on top of that, the Kindle book lending, ebook lending […]

Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer

Thumbnail image for Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer by Barbara Feldman December 12, 2011

This is a splurge purchase that I put off for a long time. But I finally realized that home cooking saves money, and not ruining an expensive piece of meat? That’s priceless! Ha ha ha. Anyway, I use this instant read thermometer several times a week when roasting or rotisserie-ing something yummy for dinner. Hubby and I are both “medium rare” when it comes to beef and lamb (although I sometimes like mine more rare than he does!) And there is nothing worse than overcooking […]