How to Create a PDF Without Adobe Acrobat

Although I use Adobe Acrobat to create my ebooks, I have learned that is a program that people love to hate. Perhaps because it costs $250?

Anyway, when I found this free ebook from Jim Edwards that explains the ins and outs of the ebook business in general, AND specifically how to create a PDF without buying Adobe Acrobat, I thought I should pass it on. So here it is:

Right click to download: 5 Ways to Create a PDF Without Adobe Acrobat

Need help on downloading an ebook? Read Leo Notenboom’s explanation at How Do I Download and Read an eBook?


  1. Mary says

    Hello, I right-clicked trying to download “5 ways to create a pdf without adobe acrobat” but I see PageNotFound. Can you tell me why this is? thanks!

  2. says

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