How to Deliver eBooks Via PayPal

Have you read The Tipping Point? No, neither have I. But the concept is about how ideas grow and grow… until just like a see-saw …. they tip over. Or maybe the book is just about cow tipping?

Anyway, I digress. Today PayLoadz reached a personal tipping point. I’ve heard so many people recommend it as an e-book PayPal delivery system, that I decided to post a small note about it. A basic PayLoadz account is free, and will deliver up to $100 of digital goods a month. A premium account (once your sales have reached “the tipping point”) is reasonably priced starting at $15 a month.


  1. matthew says

    Hi Barbara
    thanks for that – have just set up the system and I’m about to launch me ebook, your help has been invaluable

  2. Sharon says

    Barbara: Thanks for your information. I found you also through a search of “ebooks delivery”. Just a word to update you. PayLoadz rates have changed a bit from your comparason chart. New rates as of 4/16/08 are $0/mo to $100. sales,
    $15/mo to $250., $29/mo to $500. and $70/mo to $100.
    Your chart refers to PayPal alone as a free service. I can’t find where PayPal offers the download delivery through theior site. Does this only work if you have a website? I am intending to test first through Ebay.
    I am really excited about ebooks and can’t wait to started creating and selling ebooks.
    Any advise you can provide will be greatfully received.

  3. says

    Hi Barbara, I found your blog by searching Google for ‘paypal deliver e-book’ and your article is exactly what I was looking for! I’m off to finish that e-book! thanks :)