I Love My Roku

What’s the most number of movies you’ve ever watched in a single day? I think I hit a new high on Saturday when I watched five movies. I wasn’t feeling great and laying around on the sofa was about all I was good for.

And since I bought the Roku box and have a Netflix subscription, I was able to download movies to my heart’s content. What an entertainment bargain! Compared to the cost of renting DVDs or buying premium cable channels, I love Netflix!

And my Roku gives me the ability to watch an unlimited number of Netflix movie downloads on my big TV. These streaming movies are included in all Netflix subscriptions, no matter which one you have. I happen to have the 2 DVD subscription, which means I can rent as many DVDs as I want each month, but only two at a time.

Which movies did I watch? Here they are with my star ratings on a scale of one to five:

The Reader ****

The Other Boleyn Girl ****

A Secret ***

Dangerous Beauty ***

Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution ****


  1. Nancy says

    ROKU rocks we also do not have cable or sat. and it is a wonderful way to catch up on any series you might want to watch. I love all the CSI and just about any English comedy series. BooHoo on the teacher who did not do any furhter research on other things you have written/posted about, he would have noticed masive amounts of other post promoting reading and research!! It also doesn’t hurt to indulge yourself on occasion, it recharges the batteries! Enjoy when you can

  2. says

    Hi Bruce,
    While I certainly can appreciate wanting to encourage a love of books in our children and students, you should know that this is my personal blog. And, yup, I do watch movies at home, and sometimes even TV.
    And some of them are even X rated, and a lot of them are NOT recommended for kids. [Although I would recommend both “The Reader” and “The Other Boleyn Girl” for students over 17 years old. There are sex scenes in both, so parents should decide for their own families (obviously) what’s appropriate.]
    To be fair, I did cross-post a portion of this entry this in my weekly Surfnetkids newsletter, so I can understand your point of view. I wasn’t considering it as a classroom suggestion, but it certainly could be. If there is WIFI in the classroom, a teacher could easily bring a Roku from home into the classroom for a day to watch an appropriate movie. Interesting idea!

  3. Bruce says

    This is the first article I have ever read on surfnetkids.com, and I must say I am disappointed both as a parent and aa a teacher. We encourage our children to read or find other constructive things to do with their time, even when they are not feeling well. That last thing we would want them to be doing is watching television!

  4. says

    I got my ROKU box about a year ago, and have dropped my monthly subscription to Netflix from three to one per month, as the DVD’s were just sitting around unwatched. One of the first TV shows I found was Bally Kissangel, an Irish TV series that is excellent, funny and so addictive. I don’t have a cable hookup and have no patience now for watching anything with commercials. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll now go put “Prelude to a Kiss” in my queue. I’m really enjoying watching some of the old classics that I missed when I was younger.
    One of the things I did early on was upgrade my wireless interet from ATT from the basic to the medium high speed for an additional $5.00/mo. That makes the downloads and quality much better.

  5. Registered User says

    The Roku can also show rented movies that are downloaded from Amazon. But I love the “all the you can watch” plan from Netflix. I doubt I would have considered it without the Netflix plan.

  6. jeff says

    I would like to speak to you more about the Roku device to watch dvd’s. What is the main advantage if you don’t use netflix?
    we just watch dvd’s from other sources.

  7. says

    Dear Barbara,
    How are you?Nice to meet you.
    I have been watching movies all day…After that I was too tired and now I watch only one movie.:)

  8. Lynda says

    We love our ROKU too! Right now we are watching a season of “Heroes” on it. Also enjoying episodes of “Meerkat Manor.” My son likes watching kids cartoons such as Caillou.
    The last time I felt like being a couch potato, I watched Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin in “Prelude to a Kiss.” (3 stars)
    Our only complaint is, since we have it as part of our wireless network, we have to share ROKU with anyone in the household who is working or playing online. Using ROKU seriously slows down our Internet connectivity. :-(