Make Money Online

I’ve often repeated that money is made in publishing, not writing. By that I mean:

Do not sell your writing for a dollar a word (or worse yet, pennies per word) to publishers. Become a publisher yourself.

Publishing can include websites, ebooks, newsletters, ezines, books, courses, tool kits, manuals, how-to guides, etc.

If you go the website route, one of your biggest revenue sources can be Google Adsense. But it’s not as simple as Google tells you. It’s not just about throwing a snippet of code on your page. If you want to maximize your earnings, the code snippet is just the beginning.

My friend Joel Comm has announced that version 2 of his popular Google Adsense book will be out tomorrow, July 1. Yup, he’s raising the price (sorry, but I was one of many telling him it was priced too low) but he also expanded the content quite a bit.

If you want to make some serious money off your words, run, leap, jog, hop, skip on over to What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense. Really. I mean it.