Reading Kindle Books Without a Kindle

Whenever I show people the Kindle reading app on my Android phone, the usual response is "I could never read a book on my phone!" On the other hand, I have a dozen friends who own Kindles that are sitting collecting dust on a bookshelf. Is it because they have abandoned the whole Kindle ebook concept? No! These friends are avid Kindle book readers. They've simply discovered that reading on a mobile device such as a phone has so many advantages! For example: 1) Your phone is always with you. Have a few minutes to spare in a waiting room? In a restaurant waiting for your friend/date/spouse? … [Read more...]

Jury Duty Reading List

Tomorrow, I am going downtown for jury duty. To keep me amused in the waiting room, I'll have with me my iPod Touch, my laptop, and a hard cover book. Ha ha!!! No one ever accused me of traveling light! For those interested in what I'm reading and listening to at the moment, here's the list. 1) On the iPod, I have the Audible audio version of "Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe (narrated by Joe Barrett.) Barrett's voices make it seem like a multi-voice performance . It's great –- I am loving it! 2) Also on the iPod, in my Kindle app, I have about 100 pages left of … [Read more...]

Kindle eBooks Can Now Be Loaned

From the book's page at Amazon.

Woooheee! Select Kindle books can now be loaned to friends and family for 14-days! Be sure to read through all the rules before getting started, as the program is a bit strict. The biggest issue (in my mind) is that it is the publisher that determines whether a book can be loaned or not, and a quick glance through my Kindle library, showed me that only 30% 10% of my books could be loaned. To loan a book, go either to your Manage Your Kindle page (at Account/Digital Content/Manage Your Kindle) or do it directly from the book's page at Here are three screen … [Read more...]

Free Kindle Books

If Santa left an Amazon Kindle under your tree, here are some sites where you download free eBooks. Free eBooks at Amazon: these include classics that are out of copyright, and limited-time promotional ebooks. Jungle Search: provides a price range search at Amazon, so, for example, you can look for books less than $5.00 or even less than $1.99. Very cool! Feedbooks: a mix of books for sale and free books from new authors, as well as public-domain classics. Of particular note is the Kindle Download Guide that is a catalog of available books. Simply download the Guide to your … [Read more...]