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Who Breaks Their Nose Playing Tennis?

Thumbnail image for Who Breaks Their Nose Playing Tennis? by Barbara Feldman August 4, 2014

Me. That’s who. Running cross court to return a ball with my back hand, I slipped on some pine needles, and landed face first. No, I didn’t put my hands out to break the fall (I was apparently still holding on to that damn racket, hoping to get that damn ball!) and took 100% of the impact on my nose and forehead. Blood everywhere, excruciating pain, nausea. My tennis partners were really good in a crisis. I quickly had cold water and paper towels, and […]

My Dad and My Challah

Thumbnail image for My Dad and My Challah by Barbara Feldman August 25, 2013

My Dad is not doing too well. So all of us kids and grandkids are visiting him as often as we can, and he’s been on my mind a lot. When he was healthier, one of my Dad’s passions was cooking for family and friends. But he wasn’t a cook with a large repertoire, rather he specialized in a few signature dishes: huge challahs, gravlox, smoked brisket, tea-smoked duck, turkey (brined and roasted or deep fried), and chopped liver with schmaltz. If he made it, […]

My 60th Birthday Wish

Thumbnail image for My 60th Birthday Wish by Barbara Feldman May 14, 2013

Psst… can I tell you a secret? I’m turning 60 in three weeks. Okay, so maybe it’s not such a secret, but it’s a big milestone, and one that’s been on my mind for about a year. 60? Wow. As many have said before me, it’s just a number. But I believe it’s a number that deserves some recognition. So I’ve decided to do something amazing for a child that needs heart surgery, but can’t afford it. I am raising money for a group of […]

11 Things Mom Tried to Teach Me

Thumbnail image for 11 Things Mom Tried to Teach Me by Barbara Feldman May 6, 2013

In no particular order, here are eleven things I learned from Mom, along with my own comments on her life lessons. 1) Travel the world. Okay Mom, I’m with you on this one. 2) Gold jewelry is always in style. Yeah, you’re probably right. 3) You can never have enough jewelry. Well I might have agreed with you on this, until I found out exactly how much jewelry you actually had. 4) Garage sales are fun. Up to a point. 5) When putting a tip […]

Do These Jeans Make Me Look Graceful?

Thumbnail image for Do These Jeans Make Me Look Graceful? by Barbara Feldman March 29, 2013

I am writing today as part of the Generation Fabulous blog hop on the meaning of aging gracefully. I believe grace is an internal quality. It’s about feeling content, and accepting one’s whole self. Sometimes my wrinkles and age spots shock me … that’s the opposite of grace! But mostly, I am taking them all in stride. And I try to keep in mind that the opposite of “aging” is “dying.” I strive to be healthy and grateful (with a shout out to Lois Alter […]

Multicultural Holiday Greetings

Thumbnail image for Multicultural Holiday Greetings by Barbara Feldman January 9, 2013

I just answered a note from a teacher thanking me for my words about Newtown. (My words can be summed up by saying I was speechless, and didn’t have any words.) Then he wished me a Merry Christmas, and hoped if I was Jewish I would forgive his faux pas. I replied as follows: “And regarding your holiday greeting, I accept good wishes and good sentiments from everyone of all faiths! No need to worry about being offensive. Hope your Christmas was merry. And, yes, […]

When Barbara Met Howard

Thumbnail image for When Barbara Met Howard by Barbara Feldman December 3, 2012

In the fall of 1982, I was the District Sales Manager for NorthStar, a small mini-computer company from northern California (anyone within the sound of my voice remember them?) I had a office in an executive suite in Irvine, where I befriended many of my office mates. These were casual friendships that developed around the water cooler and the telex machine (yup, no fax machine back then!) The introduction to Howard came from one of these neighbor/friends. I’ll call him Sheldon (because that’s his name.) […]