Where to Get Reliable Internet Marketing Advice

I don't usually promote Internet marketing products for several reasons. First, there aren't many good products out there. And for those few good products, the truth is that my primary audience of parents and teachers isn't interested in Internet marketing, so why bother?But I know that a handful of my readers do have websites and are interested in learning how to take them to the next level. So, even though there only a few of you (you know who you are!) I felt an obligation to share this resource with you. I've been a member of Stompernet for several years, paying really big bucks … [Read more...]

State Affiliate Sales Tax Issue

On open letter to Fox News, in response to their reporting on Amazon's firing of affiliates in Hawaii. You can watch the specific news clip here.[Editor's Update] Just an hour after writing this, I received an Affiliate Termination letter from Overstock.com, firing all their California affiliates. California hasn't yet passed this Affiliate Tax, but online retailers are taking the "bull by the horns" and preemptively canning their affiliates in affected states.Dear Fox News,Your newscasters need an education in what an Internet affiliate is and what state sales taxes are. State sales taxes … [Read more...]

Litter Box Reviews

I had so much fun with this this week, that I just had to share it. My newest site isn't quite finished yet, but it's fleshed out enough to give you an idea of where it is going.Litter Box Roundup will be litter box reviews with reader feedback and something I've never done before: a site mascot. Meet gLitter. She's the site mascot. That's her on the masthead. And she has her own blog and Twitter account. She will be responsible for site spirit and litter box reviews.Of course, you probably have to be a "cat person" to appreciate this, but I'm really looking forward to developing this … [Read more...]

I Got a Facelift!

On Tuesday I had a milestone birthday, and yesterday I got a facelift.Okay... it wasn't my face exactly, but rather the Surfnetkids Content Widgets for websites: Daily Factoid, Daily Chuckle, Educational Quote, Coloring Page of the Day, and Game of the Day.Do you manage the website for your organization, or have your site? Then you know how difficult it is to create new, family-friendly content on a daily basis. The Surfnetkids Web Widgets are content applets that are easy to add to your site, and completely free. 365 days a year, they provide fun content for your web visitors to enjoy. And … [Read more...]