Black Friday Shopping

by Barbara Feldman November 21, 2011

Wishing my American readers a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving season. Will you be participating in that great American tradition: Black Friday shopping? I never have, because I hate the crowds, but I’ve heard that more and more people are turning to online deal sites and other cyber-shopping options, in lieu of running out to Black Friday sales. How about you? Please let me know your favorite shopping tactics by posting a comment below, or share with us why you will (or won’t) participate in this […]

One Space or Two at the End of a Sentence?

by Barbara Feldman October 11, 2011

AAAARGH! Am I the last person on the Internet to learn that modern typography calls for just one space after a sentence, not two? In my defense, yes, I did learn to type on a manual typewriter, which had a monospaced (fixed-width) Courier font. On the other hand, I have been writing and publishing on the Internet for more than (hmmmm) sixteen years! To learn exactly why the double space after a period has been abandoned, here are two articles. The first is from Grammar […]

Do You Teach Evolution or Creationism?

by Barbara Feldman October 4, 2011

This week’s topic at Surfnetkids.com is Human Evolution. As I was penning it, I thought a lot about my readers, many of whom, might teach creationism instead of evolution. Since comments on not enabled on that section of Surfnetkids.com, I decided to open up the discussion here. So, my question to you is, as a parent or a teacher, do you teach evolution or creationism? Feel free to leave a comment, but please be civil.

Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day

by Barbara Feldman June 23, 2009

We had a very nice Father’s Day at our household. I didn’t get to see my Dad, because he was off visiting my brother (450 miles away ) but my son did come join us, and we BBQ’d dinner with my sister- and brother-in-law. We considered going out to a Father’s Day Brunch, but decided against it. Which got me to wondering … do most families make a bigger deal out of Mother’s Day than Father’s Day? Let me know about your family traditions with […]

What Are Your Topic Requests?

by Barbara Feldman May 26, 2009


Obama Wins in Yet Another Student Poll

by Barbara Feldman October 29, 2008

Just off the news wire, Weekly Reader has announced that in their fourteenth annual election survey, the result was Obama 54.7% and John McCain 42.9% (with other candidates receiving 2.5% of the student vote). With more than 125,000 votes cast from kindergarten through 12th grade, the results were very similar to those recently announced by the Scholastic News Election Poll. Weekly Reader says their poll did not accurately predict the national vote only once in the past 52 years. In 1992, the kids chose George […]