Printer Ink

When it comes to buying printer ink, you’ve got lots of choices, both online and off. But I’ve found a supplier that simply “wow’ed” me when it came to customer service. Here’s my story. It’s about our cat Thomas Pookie, college applications, and a broken printer. has been a Surfnetkids advertiser for a number of months, so when we nearly ran out of ink during the busy college application season (my son is a high-school senior) I turned to them to buy inkjet cartridges for my HP printer. They arrived quickly, even before I actually needed them, so I stashed them on a shelf underneath our printer.

Now it’s time to introduce you to Thomas Pookie. My daughter had always wanted a kitten, so when our beloved Corny died, Howard and I found a kitten with three white paws and one black one: an adorable fur ball, and the runt of his litter. My daughter named him Pookie, and my son settled on the name Thomas. I stand firmly in the middle by concatenating the names… and invariably call him Pookie when I’m talking to my daughter, or Thomas when conversing with my son.

By any name, Thomas Pookie is a terror — and one of his favorite objects is the computer printer — especially when paper is spewing out of it. Poor Pooks has even had his claw stuck inside the printer mechanism once. Even Hewlett-Packard doesn’t know how to design a Pookie-proof printer, and one day, the poor HP inkjet just gave up… probably due to a cat claw stuck deep in its inner workings.

Printers are pretty cheap these days… and I actually had a Canon printer sitting in a box in the corner of my office because Amazon gave it to me free when I purchased a Canon digital camera. So, the Canon came out of the box and onto the shelf, and we successfully got all fourteen college apps out by the December 31st deadlines.

Now, three months have passed, and I’m thinking, gee .. I better buy some ink for this printer so I have some when the original cartridge runs dry. Then my thoughts turned to the unused cartridges still sitting on a shelf. Hmmm.. it’s been three months since I purchased them, but I never did use them. I’ll see if I can get a credit toward another purchase. Off to the 123inkjets.comwebsite, where I was directed to an 800 number for returns. I called them. They said, “No problem. Give me your email address, and I will email you a prepaid shipping label.” Wow! Within minutes, I had a PDF attachment in my mailbox, which I printed out and taped to a box. The ink went out in the regular mail the next day, and within 10 days I had a credit issued on my credit card. I didn’t have to pay return shipping. I didn’t have to go a special shipping depot to send the box out. I didn’t even need to purchase additional ink from them. But, of course, I did.

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