Reading Kindle Books Without a Kindle

Whenever I show people the Kindle reading app on my Android phone, the usual response is “I could never read a book on my phone!” On the other hand, I have a dozen friends who own Kindles that are sitting collecting dust on a bookshelf. Is it because they have abandoned the whole Kindle ebook concept? No! These friends are avid Kindle book readers. They’ve simply discovered that reading on a mobile device such as a phone has so many advantages! For example:

1) Your phone is always with you. Have a few minutes to spare in a waiting room? In a restaurant waiting for your friend/date/spouse? No problem. Simply tap on that Kindle app and return to your (current) favorite book.

2) It is easier to hold a mobile phone because it is smaller/lighter than devices such as a full-sized Kindle or iPad. This may sound ridiculous, but once you try it … you’ll understand what I mean.

3) A phone is backlit, making it easier to read after “lights out” than an e-ink Kindle.

My point is that with free Kindle apps available for so many devices, you no longer need to own a Kindle to take advantage all the benefits a Kindle owner enjoys. Benefits such as free books, cheap books, and the joys of always having your bookshelf with you!

Last summer my college-age daughter felt just like you probably do. She never thought she’d enjoy reading on her iPhone. But since she was traveling overseas, I suggested she simply download the Kindle app and give it a try. What could it hurt? Her verdict? She LOVED it! Another Kindle app convert. And the words “I told you so” never crossed my lips.

Want one more reason to give it a try? My very first Kindle book will soon be is now available from Amazon here. It is a collection of jokes from my website, jokes that have been submitted by kids from around the world. These jokes will be great fun for long car rides, train trips, or anywhere family is gathering. And when you have Jokes By Kids: Volume 1 on your phone, you can whip it out whenever the occasion calls for a little laughter! Want to be the first to learn about the Jokes By Kids Kindle release? Sign up for the Jokes By Kids email newsletter here.

Where can you get a free Kindle app for your mobile device or desktop computer? Right here.


  1. says

    Dose the Android App work on tablet as well? The size of tablet is much sensible than Mobile if for reading purpose:)

  2. Katie Derbs says

    These are very useful kindle reading apps. I would download these apps for my iphone and for my benefits as well.

  3. Amanda Walken says

    This is a great news. This could let us save in buying kindle. I will download this kindle reading app in my mobile so that I could get the feature of this app.

  4. Robert E. Thompson says

    Wow what a nice post.I am impressed from this post.Can you more share at here.I will come back as soon.

  5. Barry says

    With Kindle, it’s too bulky unlike my phone, I can bring it with me anywhere and do something else other than being an eBook reader. Thanks that you’ve shared.

  6. says

    The Kindle e-reader remains’s flagship device for reading e-books in the Kindle format, but you can read Kindle books on a large variety of other devices as well. As long as you have an Amazon Kindle account you can read Kindle books on computers, smartphones and tablet devices..

  7. says

    Yes, it is great to just download kindle reading app in your mobile phone because the benefits are just the same. Well, I have done it also to my Android phone and I am satisfied with it.

  8. Daysi Bryant says

    I have an Android phone and I use it to read my eBooks. With Kindle, it’s too bulky unlike my phone, I can bring it with me anywhere and do something else other than being an eBook reader.