RSS as a Syndication Platform

Most of my focus this month has been on RSS as a newsletter publishing medium. But one of my readers reminded how nicely RSS works for syndication with this use of my Surfnetkids Headlines feed at SATEL (South Australian Teachers’ Email List) . Look for the Surfnetkids summaries in the lower right-hand corner.


  1. Robert Hurst says

    We came up with a similar concept to this but from a different angle and I am interested in a comparison and people’s comments. I have NOT read the stuff on RSS but if I do not write this my mind will go blank on the subject!
    MailAgent has built into it the ability to deliver personalised emails in a web browser. What we did was to design a system to send subscribers a single mail with a link to the latest version of the newsletter.
    All that happens is that centrally the link is repointed as new newsletters are created and hey-presto the “Perpetual Newsletter” is born.
    – You still send emails and migrate people to Perpetual
    – Personalisation is retained for tracking
    – People only read when they want
    – Stats are consolidated for all delivery mechanisms
    – No Pull technology (well it’s in the lab)
    – Notifcaition is needed for ad-hoc mailers
    – Lose the Master mail and you have to ask again
    This is a great new area and one which has a lot of potential. We think combine the old and new – what do people think?
    Robert Hurst