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Teaching Kids French

by Barbara Feldman March 20, 2012

As I travel through France with my daughter, I am constantly reminded that learning languages is so much easier when you are young! Did you take high-school French? I studied Spanish, and it is some sort of strange brain connection that makes me want to speak Spanish when confronted with a foreign language I don’t know, such as French. Has that ever happened to you? Ha ha ha!! Back to the topic of kids, I was recently introduced (thanks Scott!) to a new program for […]

Two New Sites and a Request

by Barbara Feldman April 1, 2011

This week I buzzed through my work like a busy spring bee, and released two sites that although not quite finished, are good enough to preview. The first is Typing Games: Fun! with 40 typing games so far. I’d expect we’ll be adding 20 more next week. The second falls in the “just for fun when your homework is over” category: Truck Games: Fun! Because I am traveling next week (Austin, TX or bust!) I have already penned next week’s Surfnetkids topic. And it is […]

Math Worksheet Generator and Rainstorms

by Barbara Feldman March 22, 2011

This has been such a great week. My daughter is home from college for spring break, and brought three college friends with her. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t hold up her end of the Sunny Southern California bargain, because instead of sunshine and beach weather, she gave us rain and hail. Not exactly what these east coast girls were looking for, but I still am having a great time with them around. Despite this wonderful distraction, I was still able to get a little work done […]

Free Kindle Books

by Barbara Feldman December 26, 2010

If Santa left an Amazon Kindle under your tree, here are some sites where you download free eBooks. Free eBooks at Amazon: these include classics that are out of copyright, and limited-time promotional ebooks. Jungle Search: provides a price range search at Amazon, so, for example, you can look for books less than $5.00 or even less than $1.99. Very cool! Feedbooks: a mix of books for sale and free books from new authors, as well as public-domain classics. Of particular note is the Kindle […]

Cyber Security Games

by Barbara Feldman November 16, 2010

This week’s What is Phishing? topic at Surfnetkids is an important educational subject for both students and grownups. As a strong believer in the educational power of games, I am thrilled to be hosting a series of cyber-security games created by the FTC. The Phishing Scams quiz is, of course, directly related to this week’s topic, but there are a dozen others as well, all related to online safety, security, and privacy. Here are a few of them: Invasion of the Wireless Hackers Beware of […]

Shining a Light on Women’s Voices

by Barbara Feldman October 19, 2010

Last weekend in Ojai, I was honored to be an attendee at the small (can I use the word boutique?) woman’s blogging conference, Creative Alliance ’10. There I met a yurt full of wonderful women who have integrated blogging into the thread of their lives. But there are two specific projects (and the women making them happen) that I want to tell you about today. Both involve what I am calling “shining a light on women’s voices” by taking “blogging” off the little screen, and […]