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After struggling for years to keep up with reader submitted site reviews at, I’ve finally streamlined the submission process so that it only takes a few clicks for me to approve (or delete) a reader submitted site review.

So, now that it is all so easy, I am eager to get all my readers to scour their favorites lists, and share the very best of their favorite educational sites. You can see the most recent reader reviews here. The rest are organized by topic, you can find them from any of my column pages … just look for the link that says “Read Reader Suggestions” or “Read Reader Reviews.”

I am frequently asked if it is okay to submit a site you created yourself. Yes, please do. Just be honest with us on the form where it asks if you are affiliated with the site or not.

So, please join us … and tell us about YOUR favorite sites for kids, families, teens and teachers:

Surfnetkids: Submit Site


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    Most people do it this way so I suppose there’s nothing wrong in doing this. The main purpose is to optimise SE visibility of the site isn’t it? When someone enters his site using a software that automates it then that’s where the ‘bad’ thing comes in. But I suppose webmasters of most directories have already remedied this by using captcha.