Summer Sleepaway Camp Pickup

by on July 26, 2005

Sunday was camp pickup day at my daughter’s three-week sleepaway camp. I always look forward to seeing her and hanging out for an hour or two at the camp, meeting her counselors and the other campers.

This year, my sister-in-law worked at the camp, so I was privy to oodles of insider stories. Like the parents who didn’t show up to pickup their daughter. Response when called “Oh.. is pickup today?” After three-weeks? She forgot? What, she forget she had a daughter, or what?

Next story was the grandparents who didn’t want to interrupt their vacation to pickup their granddaughter with chicken pox. Their suggestion? Can’t you send her to a hospital? Or just let her sleep in an office? Oops… wrong answers.

Okay, okay. These were only two stories out of a couple hundred. But still. Am I wrong here?

Amberlee16 July 27, 2005 at 7:33 am

I just don’t understand some people. I can understand being late to pick someone up, I can understand if one parent thought the other was going to get the child….but “send her to the hospital or let her sleep in the *OFFICE*”???? I feel so sorry for that child. If I was that child I would never want to go back to my grandparents, they obviously didn’t want to be caring for me in the first place. I would be chomping at the bit so to speak to go pick up my daughter at camp–she is gone to her grandparents this week and I miss her a lot. I can’t imagine 3 weeks and not knowing when the pickup time is. Has the world become so ME oriented that this is now the norm? I don’t think I can stand it….

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