The End of Summer

Today as I was driving home after playing tennis, I saw it: the huge tractor trailer parked in an empty lot near my house. Every year it returns, although I swear that each year it arrives earlier and earlier. As I drove past, I thought about the end of summer, the start of school and the coming of fall. I better get a few more beach days in, and take that hike that overlooks the ocean that I’ve been meaning to get around to. This trailer … it means that summer is ending. This trailer means that school is starting. This trailer is painted on the side with HUGE orange letters: PUMPKIN PATCH!

The End of Summer!

Tell me about the end of summer in your household. Does it mean back-to-school shopping? A last ditch family road trip? I’d love to hear your stories. Just leave a comment below.


  1. Patricia Cerny says

    Summer has pretty much ended for those of us teaching in Tennessee. I started looking for school supplies and other decorations for my class the middle of July. Yes, it’s been hot as we go out to playtime, but we don’t complain because somewhere in the not to distant future, cool weather will be upon us. Then we will say, “Oh, this weather is so pleasant.”

  2. Murtaza Sandhu says

    Well,the end of summer in my household signifies the end of summer vacation as well as the end of sweet mangoes and watermelon.But as in Pakistan,summer is very hot,its end brings relief for common man.

  3. says

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