The Social Network: Marlin and Trout

I really enjoyed “The Social Network” last weekend. It’s a great story told well. Of course it is fictionalized, which is a bit annoying, because there is no guideline anywhere that explains, this part is pretty close to the facts, but this part over here, that one is WAY OFF!

But one of the themes that stuck in my head after leaving the movie theater was the concept of trout and marlin. Are you committed to fishing for really, really big fish? Or are willing to walk away with a few trout? If you do want to catch the marlin, do you think you need different tools and tactics from a trout fisherman?

Just thinking out loud here.


  1. Greg says

    Hi Barbara

    Just got home from watching the Social Network and really liked it. I too loved the reference to catching one big marlin or 14 trout. Has made me think about what I am doing. Even though the Napster guy was a grub, he made the Facebook guys think big. He told them that it was a billion dollar idea and that blew them away. In the credits of the movie it mentioned that Facebook is currently valued at $25 billion!

  2. tinuke aiyepeku says

    It is possible that you might use differents tools for fishing,but there are ways in going about the trout and marlin.And i am committed in a big fish, of a big way for the development of oneselves.I love all your acticles and newsletters in the facebook.thanks.

  3. says

    I’ve not seen The Social Network; it looks fascinating. I noticed in your latest email newsletter, section “#5 Surfing the Calendar” is missing Leif Erikson Day!! — October 9. I looked, but couldn’t find a “Calendar” section on the site. Also enjoyed your post on the Gravatar.

  4. says

    I’ve heard the analogy used with chickens and eagles. I’ve spent enough of my life chicken livin’. It is never to late to soar with the eagles!

  5. Maureen Hahn says

    Every fish is different with it’s own interests and needs. Catching a fish might require catering to those unique ways.