What I Learned During the Blackout

We had a twelve-hour blackout yesterday, along with 1.4 million of our neighbors, that started at 3:30pm. Here are a few of the things I learned.

1) Forget portable radios. What one needs in an emergency is a battery-powered Twitter device. Anyone have one of these? The Twitter updates from @SDGE and from other folks around the county were the MOST helpful in understanding what was going on.

2) Without my smartphone, I feel lost. I was very grateful for the second battery I own that is always charged (well, nearly anyway) because I keep it in a charger in the wall.

3) UPS devices that are purchased so valuable computers have a graceful shut-down during times of power failure can be used to RECHARGE devices such as run-down phone batteries! Yeah!!! My hubby thought of this one!

4) Those battery-run flickering wax candles I bought at Costco for dinner parties (etc.) were very useful when scattered around the house just so we didn’t walk into counters and tables as much!

4) Gas grills work great during blackouts, but we didn’t use ours because all our meat was frozen. I was very grateful to have some yummy left-over rotisserie chicken, a fab green salad, and a bottle of red wine. No cooking required. Dinner by candlelight was rather romantic, too!

5) My laptop wasn’t charged, so it was useless, but I really didn’t miss it … as long as I had my SMARTPHONE!

6) I was also grateful for the supply of flashlights, batteries and candles we had on hand.

How about you? What did you learn during the recent blackout? I’d love to hear not only from those affected by the SDG&E blackout, but also those affected by hurricanes and floods. Thanks!


  1. Lynn says

    How about a generator.
    Also your 9/30 daily chess puzzle is a poor one. Whites make in two is predicated on blacks move of e6. If blacks move were e5, r-a6 or k-e6, whites hope of checkmate in the next move is foiled.