Who is Hans Christian Oersted?

Today’s Google doodle commemorates a Danish physicist that has not enjoyed widespread fame. Hans Christian Ørsted (aka Oersted), born Aug 14, 1777 was a contemporary and friend of Hans Christian Andersen. In very geeky circles, he is known for observing that electric currents can induce magnetic fields, an important aspect of electromagnetism.

On 21 April 1820, Ørsted made a casual discovery that spurred him to research ithe relationship between electricity and magnetisim. He noticed a compass needle moved from magnetic north when electric current from a battery was switched on and off. Ørsted published his findings, showing that an electric current produces a magnetic field as it flows through a wire.

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  1. Bob says

    Yes, that’s true it is also the basis for the DC current and the principle in which DC motors work.