My WordPress Poem


As a few of you probably know, my flagship site began in 1996, back in the early days of the Internet. Over the years, I progressed from writing HTML code in a text editor, to writing HTML code in an HTML editor (my fav was Homesite), to using Movable Type as a content management system (aka a CMS). Within the last few years, however, I began moving some sites (including this one) to WordPress, and now all my new sites are being created in WordPress. The WordPress community is certainly one of the reasons why I moved, since so many talented people know and love … [Read more...]

Which WordPress Theme Do I Recommend?

Are you a WordPress fan? I am. Over the last twelve months, I have built more than forty sites with WordPress (including this one.) Along the way, I learned a lot about getting things done with WordPress. A few days ago a friend asked me which premium WordPress theme/framework I recommended, and I decided to publish my answer here, in case anyone else finds it useful. Drumroll please, the answer is: Thesis! I don't think I would have made the big jump from Movable Type to WordPress without it. 1) Thesis gives me the control that native WordPress lacks. 2) By putting all … [Read more...]

Gravatar, Identicon, Wavatar


A few years ago I added Gravatar icons to my blog, those cool little pictures (or avatars) that are associated with your email address. Whenever you comment on a Gravatar-enabled blog, your little thumbnail picture will display. These are BIG in the "blogging world." In fact, when I went to WordCamp LA earlier this month, they printed my head shot on my badge. It took me a second or two to realize .... ah! It's my Gravatar! Now, as cool as Gravatars may be in the blogging world, my audience of Surfnetkids readers (I love you all!!) don't generally have Gravatars. So today, when I … [Read more...]

From Movable Type To WordPress

Do you like my new blog look? This journey started months ago when I decided that my blog needed a redesign. Like any nagging thought slipping in and out of one's consciousness, it just festered until suddenly last Sunday night, after watching two episodes of Mad Men, I did a trial run-though of moving my blog out of Movable Type and into WordPress. Let me back up a bit here. I have NOT become a WordPress groupie who believes only in WordPress. I still have most of my big traffic sites on Movable Type, and don't see moving them any time soon. But is a blog, and … [Read more...]