I Used to be Barbara Newdorf

Do you ever google people from your past? Old flames, old school mates, old friends? I do now and then. Having worked for years in the mini-computer industry, many of the people I worked with in the seventies and eighties are still in tech, and are easy to find online.

I, however, got married and changed my name. Last year, I wrote about about working in Zurich in the late seventies and within days I was contacted by a co-worker. He also had a “happy ending.” Got married, got a better job, etc.

Ever since I’ve been meaning to put my maiden name out there. So here it is: I used to be Barbara Newdorf. I lived in Santa Monica. Went to Samohi. Got an ICS degree from University of California, Irvine. Worked at Varian Data Machines, Sperry Univac, and Texas Instruments. Went out on my own in the late eighties… and haven’t looked back.

If you knew me then… why not drop me a line … and tell me what you’ve been up to.


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    I work in Varian, Sperry Univac, in the seventies and in the 90s at Texas Instruments troubleshooting the laptops for Dell in Austin, Tx. I retire since then. I remember 2 Barbaras. I was an assembler in Varian (Remember the Holydays Spa) I was part of the team that set the building in Irvine when we move from Costa Mesa with Vern Phillips and Ken Spencer and later a system tech for Sperry (work for Anderson).. . I left Sperry when moving to Utah and pass Las Vegas. I help to develop the transition from electromechanical to digital in gambling machines for Games of Nevada.. not bad for a Cuban refugee. eh? drop me a letter