Playing Tourist in Seattle

All those Seattleites who tell us Californians that it always rains in Seattle, are just pulling our (collective) legs! The weather this week has been beautiful.

I am here for a (kinda secret) mastermind meeting with about thirty of the smartest people I know. Before the meetings started this afternoon, I walked down to the Public Market to buy some fresh fruit for my hotel room. I came upon these hanging peppers, and I just couldn’t resist buying one for my kitchen. I don’t cook with a lot of chili peppers, but just looking at these put a smile on my face. A shout out to my friend Kit who tells me the are called “ristras.”

Bought some hanging peppers (for my kitchen) across the street from the Public Market in Seattle. Aren't they beautiful?


  1. Larraine says

    Seattle is a nice place. You can see lot of beautiful places like markets. The picture is very nice spices looks a decoration with its beautiful color. Thanks for sharing the post.