Traffic Jam on the Way to Bed

Lasers are such a modern miracle! Not only do they make wonderful cat toys (have you ever played with a cat chasing a laser pointer?) they also perform medical magic. This week I had a tiny hole in my right retina repaired with a laser. Took about 30 seconds, although it seemed like 15 minutes to me!! All is well, and I am grateful to be the beneficiary of such a marvelous scientific advancement.

Speaking of cats, here’s a photo I snapped earlier this week with my new Thunderbolt Android phone. I titled it “Traffic Jam on the Way to Bed.”

Traffic jam on the way to bed.

Traffic jam on the way to bed.


  1. Morgan Asher says

    Oh, and by the way, I love your Surfnetkids newsletter! I signed up for it, and I love the Printables and the Quote Of The Week! :)

  2. Darlene Forsythe says

    They all seem to be color-coded to match your decor. Did you plan it that way? What are their names?

  3. Janis Stasiak says

    How adorable! I bet with all of them you don’t ever need to turn the heat on. “Three Dog Night”